Friday, May 27, 2011

Wardrobe Raid-5.6.2011

I'm an Auntie and a Godmother
Blazer, Tank, Scarf & Earrings: F21; Jeans: NY&Co.; Bracelet: Boutique in Ashvill, NC Gifted; Watch: Timex; Heels: Target.

Yup that is one of my nephews (brother had twins) and my Godson. Mini-mike. Just hours after he was born... ugh the cutest kids ever... I took tons of photos and well my brothers going to have some heartbreakers on his hands when they get older... I look all haggard because the actual outfit pix were taken at about 12 midnight when I got home from driving the 2 hours from the hospital... (yes that is a 4 hour round trip in 5 hours).. I know but I had to see them... This is one auntie that is going to spoil them silly... Yes I was terrified in the bottom pic to hold a baby that small.. I was scared his head would fall off or something... (No babies here so I am not all sure how their anatomy works prior to being dismissised from the hospital.

Wardrobe Raid-5.3.2011

Who Says you can't wear red pants to work?
Red Cords: Gap; Blazer: Express; Lace Tank: Target; Striped Tank, Earrings & belt: F21; Heels:; LV Purse: San Francisco Gifted (not sure if it's legit);

I absolutely loved wearing this outfit.. It was soo bright and colorful it just had me smiling all day. Despite not being able to fit anything in that tiny purse .. The brights came together wonderfully and really made this a wonderful spring ensemble. I got plenty of compliments which always helps...

Wardrobe Raid-5.2.2011

Anything But Ordinary
Slacks: Brazill; Cardigan: AE; Cami, Scarf & Belt: F21; Heels: Target; Watch: Timex

I love taking ordinary pieces that are pretty bland on their own and throwing somehting abnormal into the mix.. Such as I did here when i threw on  a striped scarf and belt and then a completely different colored pair of shoes. It changes things up a bit and makes the work day more bareable.. :) Please excuse messy hallway and horrible lighting..

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Big Reveal

Save the Dates

Now that people have confirmed they have received their copies I don't feel like I am spoiling it sharing on here... And hey I have to admit I'm a little proud of my self for doing such a good job on these.. They even look professional but hey I good with a remote and tripod... and a little photo editing to boot... I ended up with 75 save the dates for less than $10... Can't beat that... Plus all our family members that had wanted pix of us now have their own copy..
Hey the Mr. let me play dress up with him... This was a monumental occasion. He never lets me do that... well its not like i ever have to because lets face it he gives me a run for my money in the style department... But I had an image in my head for this shoot and well he was gunna wear this outfit even if it involved me sitting indian-style on the floor pouting until he put it on... In consolation there was still snow on the ground when I took this and well you do the math at the measurements of this dress...

Wardrobe Raid- 5.1.2011

Harvest Grain Pancakes
SKinnies & Tunic: F21; Scarf & Earrings: AE; Sandals:; Handbag: Aldo via Goodwill; Wayfarers: RayBan; Wooden Cuff: Gifted, boutique in Waxhaw

Yes I said it.. Well that's what I had for Brunch... If I could only eat one thing ever again I think it would be IHop harvest grain pancakes... Theres just a dessert quality to them that hits the spot every time.... and the thought that they're at least a little healthy.... SOLD!!!! Breakfast food is by far my favorite and I may be tiny but I can put down some pancakes...  ok enough I'm starting to get the craving... Ut oh! 

Wardrobe Raid- 4.29.2011

A Royal Affair
Cami, Cardigan, Skirt & Belt: F21; Heels:; Earrings: Target; Watch: Inherited

I wore this the day of the royal wedding. I am not going to give my opinions on the event because lets face it that ship has sailed! But I will recount that as I had not had the foresight that there was a possibility that I would want to watch said event nor that since there is such a huge time difference that the replays would be on while I was getting dressed for work... That I would totally zone out and be a whole hour late for work.. I couldn't help it.. I turned the TV on as she was getting out of the car...Need I say more? I didn't think so. However as I had my qualms with my ensemble for the day (see what I did there, and you didn't think i could talk all fancy).. I decided to wear this tea-skirt (thats what it was called on f21 when i bought it) for in honor of the day and well here's what I ended up with.. Not too shabby. I got a number of complements on said skirt.. Hey thats a win in my book... On a side note I have the exact skirt in another color with the tags still on it hanging in my closet.. Hey I'll wear it.. I think?

Wardrobe Raid- 4.28.2011

It Fits I Swear
Skirt: Brooks Brothers via Goodwill; Blouse: JCrew (On Sale); Cami: F21; Boots: ON; Handbag: Aldo via GoodWill
So the skirt was a little tight. And I don't know about you but I won't try anything thrifted on unless I've had it washed/drycleaned. So I read the tag it said my size I thought total score. I could never afford a skirt from this place.. and who can beat $3.. Well turns out the liner is about a size smaller than the actual skirt, which I did not find out until I sat in my car as I was running late for work... It is now in tatters... So I have 3 options.
1. Rip out liner, wear skirt with no liner.
2.Remove liner and Replace with new liner. 
3. Toss skirt. Spend money on new brown skirt..
Ok so 3 is not really an option. But I am still torn between 1 & 2. I would like to replace the liner but since my sewing skills are non-existant I am seriously debating just ripping the thing out and saying to hell with it!.
I'll keep you posted.

Wardrobe Raid- 4.27.2011

Wear it Wednesday: Cropped Pants
Milk Braids
Capri pants, Clutch & Blazer: NY& Co.; Tshirt: Express; Necklace & Earings: F21; Heels:; Watch: Timex
I had my very first try at milk braids. It was interesting. A collegue of mine asked me if I was going for the princess lea look, to which I just turned around and died a little inside... But it would be too obvious if I took them down mid work day so I owned 'em. To everyone else... there momma never taught them not to say anything if what they said was not nice...I am also getting used to wearing pants with my ankles showing... I have always had an aversion to cropped pants but I have purchased a few pairs and am now starting to roll my skinnies up. I'm kinda digging it.. I guess its just an adjustment period. I mean we all didn't jump on the "toe Cleavage" all at once... well I did but i'm weird that way.

Wardrobe Raid

Blazer: 579; Skirt & Blouse: F21; Fav Heels:; Purse: Coach- Gifted from Mom, Watch: Timex

Yet another relatively uneventful day with bad hair. I did not upload more pics... more on that soon..

Wardrobe Raid-4.25.2011

School House Charm
Skirt, Cami, Belt, & Cardigan: F21; Flats: AE for Payless; Watch: Timex
Just comphy to work in. Nothing spectacular about the day other than I looked cute... haha just a nod to my vain self..

Wardrobe Raid-4.24.2011

Easter Blues

Skirt, Belt, Cami, Cardigan, & Earrings: F21; Favorite Heels:; Watch: Inherited from dad.

I love this outfit. It was comfortable & it breathed because it was a hot one this year.. We ended up at my grandma's for lunch.. Which I made a Strawberry Shortcake with Red Velvet cake (that i have no picutres of.... boo!) We then came home and did NOTHING!!! it was fabulous.

Wardrobe Raid-4.22.2011


Capris: NY&Co.;Blouse, belt & Scarf: F21; Blazer: Michael Kohr's via Goodwill *(Score!); Favorite Heels:; Purse: Misc. store at the Airport in PA.
Friday (Night)
Trouser Jeans & Scarf; ON; Blazer: F21; Bangles: Mixed; Wedges: DSW
Friday Night (Night)
Same Blouse(different color); Skirt: Hot Topic; Necklace, Belt & Earrings: F21; Favorite Heels.

It was quite the eventful day in my household.. After a full day of non-jeans work, I ran home let the pups out, changed into something slightly more forgiving, Iced some strawberry cupcakes. Then hopped back in my car and headed to the Mr.'s Grandma's for a traditional Equadorian Vegeteble soup of some sort.. It was interesting.. Not bad really but as I am not a big soup person I just loaded up on cheese sticks, after dinner coffee and desserts.. :)  Though not the smartest idea because if you hadn't figured it out we ended up going out after that.. We also found out its like $100 round trip in taxis to go uptown from the new place :( not cool.. But hey we managed to make it work while grooving to some 80s music at the dive that is breakfast club... such a shame I love that movie... I also got made fun of for my miscellaneous 3 am cake and corn (yes i said corn) binge... Oh well it did the trick I managed to function somewhat the next day... that's what counts I say... Hey I painted alot that day.. though the fumes didn't do much good i'm sure.

Wardrobe Raid: 4.21.2011

Glittered up for a ride in the Delorian

I had a very good reason why I named this post that way in my log book and I honestly can't remember it.. Blank... Zippo... Zilcho...Nada.. But I thought it was hilarious and deceided to keep it.. You would think something that creative would require some sort of memory recollection but No dice.. Maybe it was due to having to take and eclass at work on infomation i learned last semester? who know's... I just know that i look more like I'm heading to a concert and not like I just got home from work. I wish.. right?

Wardrobe Raid: 4.20.2011

Blush Me Not
Cardigan & Dress: Target; Belt & Flower: F21; Flats: AE

Yes I was freaking out when I took this pick it is a long way down with some wicked looking stairs.... Of couse it totally didnt help that the kitten heels on the shoes were destroyed making the shoes extra slippery on the ceramic drum...
Well I got ingenuitive with this outfit. I wanted to belt the dress as it doesn't fit my frame just right and well I did not want to get all busy with the buckel and what not so I got the bright idea to wear a plain wide belt and turn it around... voila.. i have a whole new belt at no additional cost.. Genious.. I have just about doubled my belt collection! Yay Me!!! Anyone out there tried this yet... I'd love to see your ideas!

Wardrobe Raid: 4.19.2011

Prissy Bows
Blouse & Heels:; Cami, Skirt, earrings, Bracelets & Belt: F21; Cardigan: AE
As usual I am wearing my new favorite shoes. Because lets face it they go with everything! If I was only allowed to own one pair of heels these would definitely be them. They are actually comfortable thanks to the generous platform in the front. So while they looks like Posh Spice shoes they're really not... I can generally stop around all day in these as long as its not too hot(then no shoes stand a chance). But as usual I went to another fall back and landed on a tucked in top and belted skirt.. Its fun to see all the different variations that I can come up with.
I also trucked around the expensive mall(--ah-hem!) in this. Yes the malls here are separated by socioeconomic classes... locals don't seem to care all that much about being PC... Speaking of PC well another type of PC... my computer kicked the bucket Sunday night and well I am still bummed.. It was less than a year old... ugh! POS I swear. I am never buying that brand again... (its initials if you all are trying to guess). So after hours spent between me and the Mr. trying everything we could think of to get the old girl up and running again we gave up. And well I am that addicted to the internet that I could not go more than a few days with out access at my fingertips.. So i bit the bullet and went to pick up a new machine... and well YAY!!!!! I cracked and finally bought a MAC... I cannot be more pleased she has surpassed my expectations and I am glad I spent the few extra hundred dollars. I still don't know how to do many of the basic functions but its all a trial and error type deal... And the big bummer is that I have to text myself all of the Synced pictures I have on my phone and Ipad... ya no fun... atleast this way I can sort out through a number of pictures and clean out some folders.. However doing this 1000+ times is no picnic.. especailly on my already tight schedule.. But I may as well have it ready for the big trips coming up this year... gotta make room for tons of new pix...
I also sclepped around a pair of shoes that I need to return to Steve Madden.. They stink.. like really bad.. I havent worn them and they didnt match my wedding dress... Only to find out.. No steve madden in the upidy mall..Fabulous!

Wardrobe Raid-4.18.2011

Restaurant Showers
Blouse: ON; Skirt, Scarf, Belt: F21; Heels:; Bracelets: F21 & H&M

If you have not figured out from the title. I managed to get an entire tray of drinks spilled on me at dinner. We had gone out to celebrate my (soon-to-be) mother in law's bday and the waiter end up having me wear the whole tray of drinks he was carrying it. Well correction... My Purse & I. Yup and of couse it wasn't one of my cheapo ones it was the Dooney the Mr. gave me for my bday... SO NOT HAPPY! It was also at the beginning of the meal that this happend so I had to sit there freezing and soaked the whole meal.. happy birthday and all. But I'm a good sport so I sucked it up tried not to shiver so much and held my frustration in check.. It helped that when I get furious I tend to get very quite and shoot daggers at the offender... He didn't come near me with drinks again.. So please excuse the plastered fake smile I was still rather damp... but the outfit was one of my fav's so I had to snap a shot before I was able to duck into my room for something dry to crawl into.

Wardrobe Raid- 4.16.2011

Can I Have Some Cake with That?!?
Jeans: ON; Cami, Top & Scarf: F21; Booties: Payless; Wayfarers: RayBan; Braceletes: Mixed

Ok so admire the outfit because it does not look like this for long.. Due to a torrential down pour upon arriving at the cake tasting (for the Wedding). After my GPS sent us in to opposite direction we get to the Bakers about 30 minutes late.. Then have to do the 400 meter dash from the car into the shop...(IN THOSE SHOES)... and manage to not get stuck in the mud or step straight into the large puddles... yes it was an eventful morning but we were able to try some very tastey cake samples. It was nice to then be able to have a yummy and totally unhealthy lunch that involved bar food and sweet tea..Then we bought the blinds for our house.. Not much but atleast we got to scratch some big list items off.