Friday, May 13, 2011

Wardrobe Raid: 4.20.2011

Blush Me Not
Cardigan & Dress: Target; Belt & Flower: F21; Flats: AE

Yes I was freaking out when I took this pick it is a long way down with some wicked looking stairs.... Of couse it totally didnt help that the kitten heels on the shoes were destroyed making the shoes extra slippery on the ceramic drum...
Well I got ingenuitive with this outfit. I wanted to belt the dress as it doesn't fit my frame just right and well I did not want to get all busy with the buckel and what not so I got the bright idea to wear a plain wide belt and turn it around... voila.. i have a whole new belt at no additional cost.. Genious.. I have just about doubled my belt collection! Yay Me!!! Anyone out there tried this yet... I'd love to see your ideas!

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