Friday, May 13, 2011

Wardrobe Raid- 4.27.2011

Wear it Wednesday: Cropped Pants
Milk Braids
Capri pants, Clutch & Blazer: NY& Co.; Tshirt: Express; Necklace & Earings: F21; Heels:; Watch: Timex
I had my very first try at milk braids. It was interesting. A collegue of mine asked me if I was going for the princess lea look, to which I just turned around and died a little inside... But it would be too obvious if I took them down mid work day so I owned 'em. To everyone else... there momma never taught them not to say anything if what they said was not nice...I am also getting used to wearing pants with my ankles showing... I have always had an aversion to cropped pants but I have purchased a few pairs and am now starting to roll my skinnies up. I'm kinda digging it.. I guess its just an adjustment period. I mean we all didn't jump on the "toe Cleavage" all at once... well I did but i'm weird that way.

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