Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wardrobe Raid-5.12.2011

Midi's Make My Day

Sweater, Earrings, & Necklace: F21; Skirt:UO; Heels:; Handbag: Aldo

I love the new mini trend.. I instantly on that band wagon when I started seeing it on blogs.. I love the flowiness and that the length is not the traditional above the knee/below the knee.. but just perfect for work, Church, and family functions.. Not like I have ever paid much attention to the length of my skirt as long as I don't look in the mirror and go " oh no!" then run and change, I was usually ok. But midi's help me grasp my inner femeninity and seize the day with newfound girly glory... Who says dainty and seize can't work together... I think it should be a new trend.. don't you?

Wardrobe Raid-5.11.11

Wear it Wednesdays=Spring Dress

Dress, Scarf, & Belt: F21; Handbag: Aldo; Wedges:

Cardigan: Target

Wear it Wednesdays called for a Spring dress. When I looked in my closet for what said spring dress to me this was the first one that immediately said spring dress... well it was more like jumping on the hanger saying " Pick Me! Pick Me!" (because my clothes animate themselves and talk to me..) yes, yes that the case. Anyways, I just love how I can wear 4 different accessories in 4 completely separate colors and have it work so well... I threw on the cardigan for good measure (last picture) so that I can make this work place appropriate and was on my merry way. Though, the soles of the wedges are holding on by a thread, and I was constantly pulling up the dress to avoid any HR flashing complaints, I made it through the day in realtive style with no major mishaps.... Thats winning! in in my book

Wardrobe Raid-5.10.11

Spring Florals in a Blur
Romper: F21; Belt: Target; Sandals:; Handbag: Aldo; Watch: Timex
I managed to clean the house and host a dinner party in not quite so much time.. then proceeded to top off a bottle of wine with Tiff & the Mr. yup... theres the blur and the blushing... No I am no alchy it just happens when we have guests and I am a complete lightweight nowadays.. I also did not realize that i had left the manual focus on the lens.. as I use a remote. So there you have it here was my:

Wardrobe Raid-10.09.11

Lions, & Tigers, & Bears. Oh My!
Dress: Target, Wedges: Steve Madden (DSW), Belt & Earrings: F21; Bracelet: Local Boutique:Gifted from Mom; Satchel: Handmade from Bolivia: Gifted from Sis-in-law.
Sadly for the life of me I can't remember where that phrase is from. I know it pulls from something in my childhood but when I try to figure it out theres a big 'ol blank.. & as i digress I just see this outfit and I wish I were on Safari somewhere in the wilderness covered in skin so soft(used as bug repellant) and taking amazing shots along the landscapes and tumbleweeds... (warning: i was not that great at geography, so I am not certain of what the particular indiginous flora is that could be found the the locale of said safari)... But I will say that there is something in the earthy tones of this one that make me wish I were elsewhere vs. at the top of my unfinished Stair case...
Side note: yes those wedges are particularly difficult to walk in... and the dress requires wearing some form of undershirt as I do not fill it out the way that it was designed to be..

Wardrobe Raid

It's Been a While...

Maxi & Belt: F21, Scarf: Store in the Mall, Sandals: Target; Clutch:NY&Co. Ring: Gifted from Mom
Ok so this was taken on Mothers day after brunch the Mr.'s whole family coming back to our extremely messy house to have a look around.. Talk about being a speed clean demon.. It also didn't help that it was about 90  out that day and we had a ton of people coming in and out of the house... I also had about 3/4ths a bottle of wine... yup... that should explain the hair, and quality of the photos... 'nuff said.. loved the comfort of this outfit though.