Thursday, February 24, 2011

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A Lot Going On

Speckled Dress: F21: $12.50: Tights: Hue via Anthro: $14; Blazer: Ny&CO.: $35 (1/2 off); Boots: Wetseal: $29.50; Scarf: F21: $6.50; Sunglasses: RayBans
Trying to look cool but failing horribly
How I wore the outfit to be work acceptable...

Wore this to work on valentines day... yes I know not too much red or pink but this was what was in the bag when i headed to my Mr's house.. I did what I could.. I think its playful.. It sure was comphy

Wardrobe Raid-2.11.11 x 2

Feathers & Such
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Feathers Top: F21: $14.80, Jeans: F21: $19.99; Scarf: AE; Boots: Old Navy:$44.50; Earrings: Tink Fashions on etsy

Friday night with the my Mr. & a freind for dinner & lots of wine... so much that when we got home I sat on my new favorite chair and promptly passed out.. But I have to say this outfit was  flexible enough to even not wrinkle during my  impromptu nap!

Wardrobe Raid-2.11.2011

Should've been # 1
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Cardigan: Old Navy: $9.97; Dot Skit: F21: $19.80; Cami: Abercormbie; Tights: We Love Colors$8; Shooties: Payless: $34.99; Bracelets: F21: $1.50 ea. Earrings: Tink Fashions on etsy. Trench: F21: $37.80
Wore this to work about 2 Fridays ago, love the color combos and even though I have no idea how to buy tights and bought them like 2 sizes to big.. i still love them..

Wardrobe Raid-2.12.2011

Hello Mr. Like My Picture?
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Trench:F21: $37.80; Cords: Gap: Gifted from Mom ($35 on Sale); Gingham Top: F21:$12.99; Cardigan: Mossimo for Target: $19.99; Boots: Old Navy: $44.50; Sunnies: Payless BOGO; Bracelets: F21: $1.50; Earrings: Gifted from Mom.

Well I haven't forgotten you I have just been Uber busy... Like OMFG(oodness!), Getting ready to close on house tomorrow... fingers crossed!!!! Getting geared up for the twins' shower... Picking a wedding venue... buying a dress... etc.. etc... surprised my head is still attached!

Anyways I wore this outfit to go scope out to Wedding venues in Charlotte, NC since well ya our heartfelt plans of getting married in Charleston, SC Crashed & Burned when we got in the estimate, and with everthing else I am having to juggle it would have just been another thing to add to my plate. But this day brought us much success in that we finally found our venue... and I have to admit we are quite pleased!... More to come on that.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wardrobe Raid-2.4.2011 x2

Casual Day Blues
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Cardigan: F21: $19.99; Tank: Abercrombie; Jeans:F21:19.99; Oxfords:F21:$24.98; Scar: $8.80; Earings:F21:$1.50
Ok I know this isn't strickly in 30 for 30 code but my silver flats werent in yet so picture this with my silver flats...ok ya there ya go.. see the nice shiny flats, im in code... we good.

Wardrobe Raid-2.4.2011

Feather Me Plenty
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Blouse: F21: $14.80; Skirt: F21; Tights:Target:$5; Boots:WetSeal:$15.99: Clearance; Belt:F21:$1.50; Bracelet, Necklace,Earrings: F21.

I can now start posting my 30 for 30 pics since the final pieces finally arrived in the mail last night. And tada I love it.. I've totally rockedd this top alot during this challenge and even during some outfits I've worn out of the challenge..

Wardrobe Raid-2.8.11

Dainty in the Wind

Tunic:WetSeal;Skirt:F21; Tights: We LoveColors: $8; Scarf: F21; Belt: F21; Booties:Steve Madden:$59.99;Earrings:F21:$1.50
One of the last outfits I wore prior to stating the 30 for 30 challenge. I was freezing taking these cuz it was like 40  out and windy... ya soo not happening but it was lovely shinning sun outside had to take advantage of the beautiful day.

Wardrobe Raid

Grape Envy

Dress: LoveCulture: Gifted;  Tights:Target: $5; Blazer: Steve & Barrys;  Belt: WetSeal; Booties:Steve Madden:$59.99
]Yup onto outfit number 3 that I dont remember when I wore. As with the others it was worn to work. Enjoy!

Wardrobe Raid

Work Style

Skirt: F21;  Blouse:Target: Clearance; Tights: Target; Mary Janes: WetSeal: $14.99 Clearance; Belt: F21: $2.50; Scarf: F21; Bracelet: H&M.
Yet again I dont remember when I wore this  I know it was to work  and during the week but pther than that I'm drawing a blank. I recently wore a variation of this outfit to work because some higher ups were in and I needed something business dressy and didnt want to wear a pair of slacks. So yea with my endless morning battle with my closet I knew this worked and here we go throw a blazer on this bad boy and off I went.

Wardrobe Raid

Tribal with Some Edge

Dress: Gifted cut to a short dress form a
Maxi-dress; Tights: Hue via Anthro: $14; Jacket: kohls: $34.99; Booties: Steve Madden: $59.99; Belt: F21:$3.99;

Well as i post this i honestly cant remember when I wore this. It was in the last month but ya there you have it. I loved it... it was warm and comphy..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wardrobe Raid- 1.20.11

Dress to Skirt
Dress (worn as skirt): Kohl's: $4.99 Clearance; Top: Marshalls; Scarf: f21; Jacket: F21: $14.99; Tights: Target:$5; Boots: WetSeal: $29.50.

This was my first attempt at wearing a Dress as a skirt and though I was not really comfortable with the idea, I think its kinda growing on me. This on rocked as a slam dunk!!!

Wardrobe Raid-1.19.11

Ruffles & Pleather

Dress: Modeline; Tights: Target: $5; Shoes: Payless: $28.99; Jacket: F21:$14.99

I love this Dress because it is more of a tunic than a dress. And I can style it up or down. I have yet to try this as a shirt but see myself doing so in the near future.. I love how femenine the ruffles make it.

Wardrobe Raid-1.18.11

Back to the Grind
Dress: F21: $12.50; Tights: Hue: $14.99; Booties: $59.99; Headband: F21:$1.99; Belt; WetSeal: Clearance

After a fun filled weekend and mini-vaca I had to go back to work.. Blah! not even nice weather to go with it. Just a bleary week. I atleast had a pretty new dress to style, and a new sparkly to brighten my day!

Please excuse the lack of focus on these, my camera was being tempramental during this shoot.

Wardrobe Raid-1.14.11

Rough Around the Edges

Jeans: Hollister: Gifted; Top: Target: Clearance: Scarf: F21: $12.50; Boots: F21: $35.80; Belt: F21: $1.50

I guess this can be lumped into what a weekend wear post. I wore this that night to travel down to greenville. It was comphy and traveled well minus the fact that the jeans turn my hands smurf blue every time I wear them.

Wardrobe Raid-1.14.2011

Catching Up

Dress: Marshalls: Clearance; Cardigan: F21: $19.50; Scarf: Gifted; Belt: F21: $6.50
Tights: Target $5; Boots: F21: F21: $5.80; Bracelet: H&M- PA: $3.50 p/o set; Earrings: F21: $3.50 p/o set.

For some bizzare reason wearing combat boots made me want to head bang, and take photographic evidence of doing said action.. Not sure why I thought this was a good idea but oh well. I think the freeze frame with my hair standing 2 feet straight above my head is an interesting concept at the very least.

While I've Been Gone

Well while I was gone from the blogging world for the last few weeks, This happened!!!!. Yup ! I'm engaged sooo happy. Plus, that he did such an awsome job designing the ring. He had it custom made and  this is the ring he saw in his mind's eye! I guess I'm not the only designer in this relationship.. hehe... But seriously it could have come from a gumball machine and I would have said yes.
Please excuse the cell phone pictures I will have some new ones up soon taken from my Dslr.
However to get a better idea of where I've been these last few weeks keep reading it gets interesting....

Leave it to me to cram waaayyyy more on to my plate than is feasibly possible.. yup you got it…. Lets see where to begin …
Oh I am still trying to sell my house, trying to buy a new house, I just got engaged so that includes making the rounds of both families and friends to celebrate. Then, plan a wedding, honeymoon, and baby shower (for my sister in law, for twins!!!); while simultaneously still working and going to school for accounting of all subjects, and trying to study for my insurance certifications. :: intake of breath:: And then there is the additional fact that we’ll be getting a new pup in November that will totally skip over the puppy stage and reach small giant of cosmic proportions instantly while still thinking he’s hookah sized!!!.. Yup you guessed it we’re getting a Mastiff…I think we are trying to compensate with a more masculine looking dog. I mean Hookah and Alfie aren’t really cutting it in the macho category. Though Hookah is fierce..  ::sighs::…

To make things ever more interesting I will still be posting regularly to the blog about house progress that will be a succession of DIY fixes like paint etc… Plus, and here’s the kicker, I will be making about 90 % of the stuff for the wedding that will be in another city, so we will have to make regular travels to that city as well…Are you jaws dropped yet… I have accepted the fact that Spontaneous combustion is immanent. But then if I didn’t toggle all of these things at once then it wouldn’t be me I mean there is no Michy without the accompanying Type A personality.