Friday, September 24, 2010

Who I am. What this is about. Why bother?

Hi my name is Michelle and I will be turning 25 in exactly one month. Yes 25. I know I will be officially old well atleast in my eyes I will be.  Don't take that the wrong way I do no believe that any one else above the age of 25 is over the hill, just me.  I thought that by this age I would be all grown up; Married with a few kids in tow. That I would have this awsome house that I could spend all of my spare time decorating and basking in the glory of what I had accomplished in doing so. A place that my children could grow old in and always call  home. That I would be this completely successful career-woman/college graduate with a job I got all fancy for in my pressed sexy suits and sky-high heels with that perfect breifcase to match.

Well, that was the dream and here's the real scoop.  I am currently divorced (I was married for 1 1/2 years in TX, to a seriously delusional conartist), 4 years and counting :). I do have a boyfreind of 4 happy months. I do not have any children that I know of... being a woman I believe that would be relatively obvious to me.
Lastly, my house of 3 years  is a 3 bd/2bth townhouse that I absolutely can't stand... Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with my house from a realistic stand point it's actually quite nice. But it is waayyy to small for the 2 pups and I, with the occasional stay of said boyfreind. It is one giant box to me that I can only do so much with. I have painted refurnished, reorganized, etc.... and yet it still feels like a glorified apartment and not a home that I pay a decent mortgage on every month.. I am currently in the process of trying to sell this place and find that dream home... Ya, un huh I can dream can't I!. I haven't had a looksie on the place in over a month.. Which in a way works out well because I am in ultra organize mood and the place looks like a bomb went off.. (maybe one did?hmm that's an interesting concept) But, the place is shaping up and I am loving the way my study/library room is turning out.  Before and after pictures to come. I atleast have one room I do not feel like a total foreigner in... As, for that successful career woman with the perfect outfits. I currently work for an insurance company that will remain anonymous for obvious reasons, but I have been stuck in the same job for 4 years, 5yrs+ with the company.. Ya, it sucks I have had as many supervisors in as many years and well I'll spare you the rant, from a disgruntled employee. I am still in school, complements of transfering between 3 states and 3 different universities. Currently I am meticulously taking Account I for the 3rd time and trying to pass because lets face it I am horrible with  numbers.. In addition I am working to get my liscencing in insurance, which I am excited about because I feel like I am doing something with my career. I do however get to wear trendy business clothes and those sky-high heels, even though the clothes don't go to the drycleaners (hey i'm all about the budget) and the heels get kicked off in my cube (no I dont touch the floor with bare feet!) and that matching breifcase is a tan Jansport Originals I've been lugging around for years with whom I can't bare to part.

Ok this is my first attempt at blogging/journaling and I don't really expect anyone to read this but if you are bare with me. I will be posting pics in the near future of all the things I talk about so whom ever you are can actually see what I am talking about. P.S. Sorry if I sound like I am complaining or whinning about my life I have a blessed life in comparison to others but I do believe that I would like to record those things and this feels less ridiculous than writing it in one of the countless super cute notebooks I have. Please feel free to comment. Also, on one last note I have horrible grammar and type like I am texting so please all you English/Creative Writing majors... Be gentle!