Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Whats the Deal

I am sure you have been wondering what the deal is with my sporadic posting. Well here are a few pictures to see if you can grasp the depth of the endeavor that the Mr. and I have undertaken..
The new House..
Entrance/ Foyer (view from 3rd Floor)
My Future Studio
Hallway Closet off Foyer/Entrance
1 of 2 Walk in closets.. That is a shelf cutting across the middle of the picture. It is about shoulder high.. I belive little people may have lived here or something because there is some serious wasted space going on in these..
Hallway infront of Master- Leading to Bonus Room/ Mancave
Yes those are plastic venitian floor to ceiling blinds, and yes that is Panelling in the back in all its warped uneven gloriousness.. Note the icky wall color it resembled skin...
Also see the door on the outside for some bizarre reason they were all painted the wall color.. but not the casings.. Your guess is as good as mine as to why that was done..
Please stop gagging.. It already took us a long time to see past it..
living room view from the 2nd floor foyer. Please note all of that Carpet..
The pups being nosy in the future dining room... more carpet.

I have other pictures from the previous owners,  that were on the real estate website.. As you can see we have plenty of work ahead of us (as there is yet no furniture when these were taken) but i think you will all like the outcome.. Atleast we do... I mean there was freaking carpet in the bathroom... ::gasp:: i know.. who does that?

Wardrobe Raid-4.18.2011

Chillin' with the Big Cats
Blouse, Belt, & Earrings: F21; Skirt NY&Co.; Heels: Payless

Big is the one thing I can truly say about this outfit. I bought the skirt 50% off at NY & Co. because I was dying for an A-Typical colored pencil skirt.. Well I got one.. However I hadn't realized that their sizes run waaay big.. so yea I'm all excited to wear my new skirt to work only to put it on in the morning and look frumpy because its about 2 sizes to big... So I had to swap my original belt idea with a fitted " real" belt.. to keep the darned thing on...I will admit that this was comfortable especially since I had to lead a training and sit through the parts that I wasn't talking in.. So a win in the end..

Wardrobe Raid-4.15-2011

Do the Maxi
Maxi & Earrings: F21; Cardigan: Target; Scarf: Mall; Clog Heels: Payless; Belt : WetSeal
Cue INXS intro beat.. haha I have absolutely no idea why I had this silly title in my brain ever since I wore this. And i can hear the cheesy beat in there too.. anyways ignore me.. but ya thats all I can say as my brain cells are slowly dying from coming up with such silliness..
Friday Night
Sandals:; Bomber: Kohls; Belt: F21; Purse: Target

Wardrober Raid-4.14.2011

Stick 'em Up !
Blouse: William Rast via Goodwill; Skirt & Belt: F21; Scarf: Poppy Pia; Heels:

Something about the scard and all that denim made me feel like a cowboy or something so I just felt like making a make- belive gun with my and and saying stick em up.. I am really a 5 year old but shhhsh don't tell anyone..

Wardrobe Raid-4.13.2011

Cardigan, Cami, Belt & Bracelet: F21; Heels & Skirt:

Who loves this outfit... I love this outfit.. I can soo see it as my go to this spring. Its fun and playful and Suuper girly. I love the pleats in the skirt. I was a little skeptical about wearing this length of skirt thinking it a bit matronly but I actually love it.. the looseness of the skirt also keeps it from riding up my stomach and stays nicely in place. The heels as you will see are my new favs... I seriously wear them about everyday. The color makes the soo versitle that I can wear em with about every outfit.. Seriously fabulous purchase..

Wardrobe Raid-4.12.11

Game Day
Trousrer Jeans: ON; Cardigan: AE; Slouchy Tee: F21; Wedges: Steve Madden via DSW
(duck-face strikes again!)

Wow the front door is soo interesting
There was a nice treat at work. We were all taken to a local baseball game. Minor-league but still it got me out of work for the day and had free entrance and food. I can't exactly complain with that. I also got some freebies like a cool highlighter pen(yes i am that big of a nerd) and a small notebook. We also were allowed to sport jeans in the middle of the week.. so this is what I wore. I will admit these shoes were not the ideal pair for the even. Not because they are wedges and have no business at a sporting event but becase they are wedges that attach to your feet like flip flops... Making it oh so difficult to walk like a normal human being and not clomp around like a horse... So there were a few near misses and a lesson leared that this pair will be reserved for not much movement involved events.. aka family dinners etc...

Wardrobe Raid-4.11.2011

Comfy is as Comfy does
Slacks: Brazil: Gifted from Mom; Sweater: F21; Flats: Target; Earrings: Made by me; Bracelets: various.
First off, please try to see past the bluriness. I know its difficult.  I wore this to work because it was horribly comfortable and well I wanted to wear flats and not think much when I woke up. I pretty much did the 2 essential checks before heading out the door. 1. Clean..check 2. Matches... check... ok good to go. Not much thought was involved in this one and before I am judged because there are missing weekend posts with outfits  I must explain that I was at the hospital with my dad (who had just had major surgery) and running around doing errands. I did have super cute outfits on but  my mind was somewhat somewhere else, and I will admit I totally forgot to take pix... I think it was the torrential down pours all weekend that simply washed the idea right out of my head... but ya otherwise there you have it.

Wardrobe Raid-4.8.2011

Day to Night

Blazer: 5-7-9; Top: Abercrombie; Skinny Jeans: Lei; Heels: Target;  Necklace & Earrings: F21

Trouser Jeans: Old Navy; Cardigan: AE; Bracelets: Mixed; Belt: F21
Well it was another lucky jeans Friday at work. Then I ran home at the speed of light to let the pups out, change and head over to a girly freind of mines' place for a jewelry party.. I didn't really need to change but I had a nice new package waiting on the front porch when I got home and couldn't resist. After trying one simultaneous outfits I went back to what I started with and changed it up a bit. I had a fun few hours sipping wine trying one some cool jewelry and meeting some new ladies.. Then had a fabulous dinner out with the Mr. I have to say that I love these jeans but they totally give me smurf hands.. yup i said it.. theres something in the pigment that comes off (even after repeated washes) and stains my hands... So I have dubbed them my smurf jeans.. I have a skinny pair as well that are also known as my skinny smurfs...

Wardrobe Raid

Once upon a Dress

Dress, Skirt, Belt: F21; Heels: Off Broadway; Necklace: UO: Gifted
Ok so yes this was a tunic That I either wear as a dress or more conservatively/ workplace appropriate as a blouse. I am generally not a high neckline type gal but this one is not to scratchy for me and the fact that the lace layer is see-through makes it less grandma-ish too. You can soo tell this was a cooler day as my legs are seriosuly discoloured in the second pic. Complements of my Renauds..

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wardrobe Raid- 4.4.2011

Current Week
Dress: UO; Lace Back Cardigan, Necklace & Belt: Forever21; Flats: Target

Finally in the right week with postings. I must apologize for being the lazy, Uber-busy Blogger. Between planning for the wedding, packing, moving and renovating its been kinda crazy. But I am proud that I still managed to take outfit photos through the chaos, even if they took forever to post them.

As you can see the steady growth of the house behing me. There will be tons of before and after photos, plus instructions on all of the crazy things we've done and a new house tour. I have all of those in the works and can't wait to share. I can hopefully paint that hallway the nice grey that the rest of the house is vs. the horrid skin color it was.. (trust me it looks somewhat decent with that lighting.. in natural light its gag-worthy).

Wardrobe Raid

Day to Night Wear
Attempting to rock the whole Aiden from Being Human thing... (would help if I were a guy & a Vampire... just sayin')

Jacket, Earrings & Belt: Forever 21; T-Shirt: Walmart; Slacks: Brazil: Gifted from Mom; Heels: Target; Scarf: Random store at the mall; Bracelet: China: Gifted from Mom
I was auditioning for sour patch in this one. Don't mind me. (Jk though those sound great right now)
Ripped Jeans: Hollister: Gifted from Sis in Law

We only ran out for a quick dinner so I wasn't to keen on getting all dressy. I am generally not a t-shirt kinda gal but lately have been encorporating these plain ones into my daily wear. I'm feeling the versatility.

Wardrobe Raid

All for the Love of Blogging
Chambray Overalls Skirt & Cami: Forever21; Cardigan & Tights: Target; Oxford Heels: Payless
You read correctly. This shoot was all for the love of Blogging. It was taken at about 10pm after being in these close since about 8:30am. I had to work a busy work day then I had to drive and hour to school to take a test, then back home, then patiently wait for the alarm installer to finish setting up our new alarm system. Because of course I don't wanna be the crazy self- obssesed customer that gets home and runs to take pics of herself. It's bad enough Ed saw me posing for these. Which is who I'm looking at in that last one. But after a long day with icky weather I had to share my relatively compy outfit with the world. Hope you all like it as much as I did.

Wardrobe Raid

All Black Ensemble = Sexy
Sheer Blouse & Tube Top: Forever21, Slacks: Brazil: gifted from Mom; Heels: Mossimo for Target; Earrings: Made by Me

Yes this is a picture of me buckling my heel. I thought you would enjoy this for some odd reason. The view from the living room must have been somewhat entertaining, yet nothing new.. I have this horrible problem that I can't bend down and not moon the world. My pants obviously have a vendetta against me to have me flash the world when they decide that they don't want to stretch the way that they are supposed to. It's not my fault that I am still squeezing myself into them 5 years later, they should know how to correctly cover my bum by now. Sheesh!