Friday, May 13, 2011

Wardrobe Raid-4.18.2011

Restaurant Showers
Blouse: ON; Skirt, Scarf, Belt: F21; Heels:; Bracelets: F21 & H&M

If you have not figured out from the title. I managed to get an entire tray of drinks spilled on me at dinner. We had gone out to celebrate my (soon-to-be) mother in law's bday and the waiter end up having me wear the whole tray of drinks he was carrying it. Well correction... My Purse & I. Yup and of couse it wasn't one of my cheapo ones it was the Dooney the Mr. gave me for my bday... SO NOT HAPPY! It was also at the beginning of the meal that this happend so I had to sit there freezing and soaked the whole meal.. happy birthday and all. But I'm a good sport so I sucked it up tried not to shiver so much and held my frustration in check.. It helped that when I get furious I tend to get very quite and shoot daggers at the offender... He didn't come near me with drinks again.. So please excuse the plastered fake smile I was still rather damp... but the outfit was one of my fav's so I had to snap a shot before I was able to duck into my room for something dry to crawl into.

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