Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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Fly Away with Me

Cardigan: Old Navy: $9.99 on Sale; Cami: F21; Jeans: Lei; Wedges: Target; Necklace: F21; Bracelet; Boutique in Waxhaw, NC

Jeans Friday. Gotta love it.

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Yes I have shiny shoes... Be Jealous!!

Khaki Cords; Old Navy: Gifted from Mom; Black Tunic: F21; Cardigan: AE;$15 BoGo; Flats: Target: $9.99; Scarf; F21: $8.80; Bracelets: F21: $1.50.

Who says business casual can't be be comfortable.. I rocke the heck out of this one day for work where I had to do a bunch of filing... This worked out fabulous... It matched so well even alfie needed a closer look!

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Wrong Day for Dress Up

(I look confused)

Chambray Skirt: F21; Dot Blouse: J. Crew: $59.99 on Sale: Black Tunic: F21; Shooties: Payless: $34.99.

As the title states I dressed up for work on the wrong day!! It was the day after that I needed to be all businessy and well that didnt work with my 30 for 30 ( so I skipped a day... sue me!!! j/k I can't afford it)... Anyways I love how this one played out.. Its dressy but playful.

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Monday Works for Me

Dress: UO: $14.99 on Sale; Cardigan: AE: $15 BOGO; Tights: Target: $5; Boots: Old Navy: $44.50; Scarf: F21; $7.80; Belt: F21; Bracelets: F21: $1.50

Well back to the grind. Atleast I was able to work in these lovely boots, I was able to zip around the office in moderate comfort..

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Melt My Heart

Dress: UO: $14.99 on Sale; Cardigan: F21: $19.80; Belt: F21, Scarf: Old Navy: $12.50; Heels: Target: $4.99; Earrings: Tink Fashions at etsy, Bracelets: F21: $1.50.

The Mr. took me to the Melting Pot for Valentines day. We went that Sunday since we both work and the restaurant is far from my place, it was cozy, romantic and sweet, though I wasn't feeling too good that day. I loved my outfit combo though it was the first warm day this year and I just couldn't wait to go out bare-legged (even though they are blindingly white) I soo need to go tan...