Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nose Stuck in a Book..

Completed Cresendo, it was just as much of a page turner as the first of the seriers Hush Hush. I can't wait for the next installment Tempest to come out next Fall.
Just Finished: Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith..
This was a pretty simple read that I topped off in just one day. However, as with all the other quick read I could not put it down if I tried..
Current Read: The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson
Well this is out of my typical line of reading. It kicks most of my collection in the teeth. Its in your face, brash and I absolutely love it... It truly is a breath of fresh air and I am only half way through... best part is it was a $3 bin find at borders... So a great read on the cheap!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Wardrobe Raid-11.23.2010

Jacket: Marshall's: $14.99; Dress: Forever21: $14.99; Sweater: AE: $15 (sale 2 for $30); Belt: Forever21:$ 5.50  Tights: Target: $5;; Earrings: Forever21:$1.50; Nail Polish:Sinful Colors in San Francisco: $2.99

Wardrobe Raid-11.21.2010

Cardigan: Mossimo 4 Target: $19.99, Cami: Forever21 $9.99; Jeans: Lei, Boots: Steve Madden: $39.99; Belt Forever21: $5.50; Scarf: AE, Earings: Charleston, SC.
So, Ed and I decided to go to a Panthers game & I thought this was a good outfit to attend it. I was layered enough to loose some when it soared over 70 degrees in our seats. It was another wonderful afternoon that involved stadium hot dogs, nachos, beer, and popcorn... yummy!!

Wardrobe Raid-11.20.2010

Cardigan: Forever21: $10.50; Tunic:Forever21: $7.84; Black Jeans: Forever21: $19.99; Oxfords: Forever21:$24.50; Scarf:Forever21:$ , Belt: Forever21$4.50

We hit up the Turkey Bowl that involved the guys playing football and then some good old bar food.. This worked for hitting the field and then the thomas street.. and warm enough to not have to wear a jacket over top of it..

Wardrobe Raid-11.19.2010

Cardigan: Forever21: ; Tank: Forever21: $2.50; Eternity Scarf:$ ; Jeans: a few years old; Oxfords:Forever21: $24.80; Watch: My dads; Herringbone Coat: Kohl's:$69

I love the professor look of this outfit. We got a pass at work to wear jeans and this outfit helped with the fact that I had to spend the day filing. Super comphy and functional.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Give Thanks & Be Merry

I have many things to give Thanks for this year. Mostly for the people who have come into my life and the gifts I have been given.. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and loved ones...

Everyone can use a little naked Turkery!!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Scarf Organization

Organizied for a Blustery Day

My scarf addiction started when I moved to Charlotte and I have been steadily adding to it since. However, having a number of scarves leads to one problem, never being able to find the one you want when you want it, then haveing to fight will all the other unlucky's to get it out.

My solution: use a low price railing system.
I wanted to a cheap solution that would free up some premium drawer space and made this fix for less than $2.50
Now I have a clear view of all my scarves at once and don't have to go on a scavenger hunt through the pile of them.
BYGEL rail: IKEA: $1.99

  • Rail
  • Screws
  • Level
  • Screwdriver
  1. Level and hang the rail.
  2. Organize scarves by color, frequency of use etc...
  3. Hang scarves one by one, at the same length knot each scarf by wrapping the ends around you hand and pulling the knot tight.

Earrings Display

I have an extensive assortment of earrings the majority of have a less than $5 price tag. Since I happen to not have to share my room at the moment I figured the girlier the better. Right? I feel in love with an earing catchall my sister in law had a few years ago admired it everytime I went to my brothers house. So that year they thought to get me one. Lets clear one thing about me.. I am suuuper impulsive and buy whatever I come across that I want but then I talk myself out of other things.. It's very odd when you see the things I compromise on.. But my brother and sis in law know this about me and thought to get me this for Christmas. So what better way to say Thanks than displaying it proudly on my dresser.

Gifted From Sister in Law

Bracelet Organizer

I had an extra plant pot that I picked up on an Ikea binge, The pot is not that functional as an actual plant pot because there is no hole in the bottom for water drainage. So it took to collecting dust in the pantry until my bracelet collection grew out of control and I came to the conclusion that my pretty pink pot could solve my bracelet dilemma. So now I can dump them all out on the dresser if the ones at the top do not strike my fancy that day and then throw them all back in quickly. All the while looking feminine & orderly.

PAPAJA pot: IKEA: $2.99
I love how the pink ceramic plays against the glass topped black dresser.

Neat and Tidy

Jewelry Organization
Many of us look for ways to organize our baubels, and come up with some sort of bulk solution that ends up taking up more space than anything. Well here was my solution.. Hang them for display on the wall.. That way minimum real estate is taken up on a floor or dresser by some bulky contraption that still leaves you searching to find what you are looking for.. This way everything is nice and neatly displayed so I can see everything at a glance and not have to go digging.. (this works wonderfully when I am running late for work and forgot to include accessories in my outfit plan the night before). This way I also don't have to worry about anything getting tangled up.

Materials Needed:
  • Corkboard framed to the optimal size you will need.
  • Thumb Tacks
  • Screws or hooks (based on fram hanging needs0
  • Screwdriver or hammer
  • level
  • Hang on the wall like a regular frame
  • Separate items that will go on the board based on style and length.
  • Move across your collection giving enough space between items so that you have a clear view of each

Wardrobe Raid-11.18.2010

Jacket: Forever21; Cami: Forever21; $2.50; Neclklace: Froever21; Belt: Forever21: 6.50, Shoes: Mall.

The belt was taken from the prior days outfit and worn with the buckle in the back to create a black elastic band look for the skirt. I didn't want to wear a belt with this outfit but did not think that the skirt plainly worked so I thought out of the box for 2 seconds and wore a belt backwards.. It's ok we all reminiss on those Kris Kross days....

Wardrobe Raid-11.17.2010

Decade Glam Rock

Tunic: mossimo for Target: $3.75:(Clearance), Skirt: Forever21: 6.50; Belt: Forever21: $6.50; Tights: Target: $5; Socks: Target: $1, Boots:; Earings: Forever21: $1.50

Something possed me to wear hot pink tights to work this day and I figured I could tone them down to an acceptable level by wearing dark colors everywhere else. I think it turned out pretty put together, and I love how the geometric shapes on the shirt match with the ones on the belt.

Wardrobe Raid-11.16.2010

Dress: UO: $14.99 (Clearance), Waterfall Cardigan: Forever21:$10.50, Belt: Forever21: $4.50,
Socks: Target: $1; Boots:; Earings: Forever21: $3.50 (Part of a Set).
Well Since there is typically no light out when I get home, I generally have to take indoor shots, in a dark house since there is only artifical lighting. So here was the ourcome.. I am trying to find new places to  shoot but theres only soo many places in all of 1,100 square feet.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wardrobe Raid-11.14.2010

Shirt: Zara, Jacket: Bebe: Gifted, Shorts: Forever21: $17.80, Scarf: AE, Belt: Forever21, Oxfords: Forever21: 24.80, Earings: Forever21: $1.50

As the time goes by in documenting my outfits I will come across not being able to track down what the price of something was. I can generally remember where I got the item but price I tend to draw blanks... So please excuse my lapse in memory, but since I have moved onto the Fall/Winter side of my wardrobe most of the things I wear if they are not new are no longer on sale anyways. Though if you look around at most of the stores I frequent you can probably find something relatively close.

This was Sunday afternoon, where the Bf and I spent a lovely afternoon celebrating 6 months of togetherness by enjoying a couples massage at a trendy local Spa/Teabar, then we walked some outdoor shops. Where I promised I would not climb atop the outdoor statues (though I was sorely tempted) since it was a classy place and all... We hit up a movie (Due Date) which ended up being more awkwardly uncomfortable than outright funny like the Hangover was. Thats just my personal opinion.. Then we had an early dinner at PF Chang's which was like heaven because I love Chinese Food especially expensive Chinese food.

Wardrobe Raid-11.13.2010

Dress: Forever21: $13.50, Jacket: BeBe: Gifted from Yery, Belt: Forever21: taken off a pair of shorts, Tights: Forever21: $3.50, Shoes: Target: $32.99, Bracelet: Myrtle Beach, SC, Watch: 15dollarstore:  $15, Earings: Gift from the Bf.

Ok so I wore this outfit Saturday night to a party at my bf's familys house. It was the first time I was meeting his extended family so I wanted to not over or under dress which I have the tendency to do it was also in the 40s out so I had to wear a jacket.. but I think that the dress length and heel hight was enough to be dress but not overly so. While the belt and jacket dressed the outfit down.
This was the only outfit I wore this day, the rest was happily spent on the couch in my pj's!

Wardrobe Raid- 11.12.2010

Outfit No. 2

Tunic: Forever21, Jeans: Forever21: $19.99, Jacket: Target: $29.99, Boots: Forever21, Earings: Forever21: $1.50, Necklace: Forever21: $6.99, Bracelete: Myrtle Beach, SC, Watch: $15, Rings: Gifted & Thrifted.

So this is what I wore last Friday night to have dinner & drinks with the BF and some of his freinds. It worked well with the swanky feel of the restaurant (whose lighting always messes with my eyes) and also was appropriate if we went out dancing afterward- which didn't work out :( but there is always next time.

Wardrobe Raid- 11.12.2010

Outfit No. 1

Chambray Skirt: Forever21: $15.80, LaceTop: Target: $4.95 (Clearance), Rose tank: Forever21: $2.50, Boyfreind Cardigan: Mossimo 4 Target: $19.99, Tights: VeraWang 4 Kohls: $6.99, Oxfords: Forever21: $24.80, Rings: Gifted & Thrifted, Earrings: Forever21: $3.50 (part of a set)

I finally got a pair of Flat Oxfords and I absolutely love them!!! You will see them in a number of subsequent posts...

Wardrobe Raid- 11-10-2010

Ok so I Know that I have been a total slacker on posting, but the last week and a half have been horrendous at work and then studying/ cleaning when I get home so ya thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Now on to more important matters...
Blouse: Target: $4.48, Skirt: AE: $14.99 (sale),Tights: Forever21: $3.50, Shoes: Payless: $28.90, Necklace: Forever21, Bracelet: Head Shop Myrtle Beach, SC, Watch: 15, Earings: Forever21: $3.50 (part of a set).

Yes, I almost fell while taking this picture, compliments of the butt molding on the expensive chair.. ( but I repo'ed the Haverty's chair from my parents so I really can't complain..

Ok so I thought that this outfit had an old time feel to it and with the sun setting much sooner than usual I thought that the vintagey wood stove/heater in my living room would work well with the outfit. Also, as you can see I am running out of places to take pictures..

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Read & Read

Moving right along in my collection of reading material. I have,

Just finished : The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan.
I like it and finished it in less than a week. I have to admit that there were a few twists that bothered me because they went against the grain of traditional Chick lit developement. That however did not stop me from delving into the next installment of the series

Current Read: The Dead-Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan
I should be finishing this one in the next few days and will move on to the Sequel of Hush, Hush that I finished in just 1 day last week.
Up Next:  Cresendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

Wardrobe Raid-11.10.2010

Skirt: Moda for Victoria Secret: $19.99 (Clearance); Shirt: Heritage 1981 for Forever 21: $7.99; Shoes: Wet Seal; Belt: Forever21: $3.50; Necklace: Forever21: $3.50; Bracelet: Swarofski: Gifted from Mom; Rings: Gifted from Mom; Bud Earrings: Forever21: $3.50 (Part of a pair set). Glasses: Versace: Covered by Insurance..
The inspiration from this outfit I must admit is not my own.. I was checking out this blog and came across an outfit that I was like " I have that"  and well here you have it.. I believe it to be remeniscent to total school teacher..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wardrobe Raid- 11-9.2010

Dress: Target: $4.98 on Clearance (what a steal); Argyle Cardigan: Target: $19.99 (which I am sad to say turned up on clearance a week after it was delivered ); Nude Fishnets: VeraWang via Kohl's: 6.99 on sale (I know you can't see them but they're there... my legs are waaayy whiter without them); T-Strap Heels: Target: $32.99 Belt: Forever21: $3.50; Watch: Fossil: Gifted circa 2006: $150 ish; Nail Polish: Sinful Colors in San Francisco: $2.99. Earings: Head shop in Myrtle Beach, SC $6

Ok for some reason this picture came out relatively Twilight coveresque.. so I had to throw it in here... I am happy that my photostudio App on the Ipad added a whole new list of filters for my pictures.. Hope you all enjoy!

Fall For Me

I love to see the leaves turn. This is my 3rd year being able to enjoy this time of year and I just had to snap a few pic's to commemorate it. I didn't even photoshop these the lighting yesturday afternoon was amazing.
These all came from the tree directly across the street from my house.
The top one is now being proudly displayed as the wallpaper on my Ipad homescreen.

Wardrobe Raid- 11.8.2010

Top: Forever21: $8.99; Skirt: Forever21: $12.50; Tights: Forever21: $3.50; Boots: Forever21; Bracelet: Gifted: Watch: $15; Necklace: Forever21: $3.50; Earings: Forever21: $3.50 (from a set of 2); Nail Polish: Sinful Colors in San Francisco: $2.99

Ok so yes I totally froze while taking these pix. It seems as if Mother Nature decided to totally skip winther this year in Charlotte. The outfit however did not work very well with my bulky coat in the pictures. So I froze my little behind off while I snapped a few shots..
Ok so if by now you haven't noticed I remixed the Skirt, tights & accessories in this outfit from what I wore on Sunday. I decided last minute to spend the night at the bf's and relized that the only work appropriate bottom I had  was the noteable yellow skirt... However I believe that I mixed it up enough that it works well even if it was worn 2 days in a row.
After this pic I promptly went inside and slimmed down to my skivvies and immediately placed remixed items into the washer.. (I'm weird like that) and hopped in the shower to warm up... hmmm next item on wish list.. A towel warmer ...mmm