Friday, January 14, 2011

Tight Situation

Since the begging of Fall I have been looking for a solution to my messy tights drawer. I would fold them flat like pants and stack them in a drawer taking up some prime real estate. So I saw some people rolling them up which was a duh! moment since lets face it thats the way they come packaged. I picked up these accessory trays at bed bath & beyond for <$5 each. and Voila! Pretty organization that helps me pick tights on the fly when I'm racing to beat the clock in the mornings.

Wardrobe Raid-1.13.2011

No Justice
Gingham Top: Old Navy: $10.99 Clearance; Grey Cardigan: WetSeal; Pointelle Skirt: F21; Socks: Target $2; Boots:; Belt: F21: $2.50; Bracelet: H&M: p/o a set; Earromgs: F21: $3.50 p/o a set.
The lighting in my house last night did this outfit no justice... I was smitten with it all day. Stealing glances whenever I came across my reflection, but alas when picture time came around (after a particularly long day) nada... oh well atleast I got my hands on a blue gingham top. I had been dying for one (within my cheapskate price range) since I saw the Gingham Gang posts circling, and I got lucky, I snatched this one up a few nights ago at an old navy on a clearance rack.. the only one that was there and it was just my size... We were meant to be.. She will be rotated regularly in my daily stylings :)

Barista in Training

This bad boy now sits nestled in the corner of my kitchen.. Yes I finally have a 15 bar pump espresso machine.. like every Cuban should!. The best thing I can make lattes, cappuccinos and a whole books worth of other things.. Yay! I have already attempted the making of cappuccinos and theyre amazing. Cafe, my lovely will pay herself off in 31 cups.. Talk about a bonus, yes I had to do the math in order to justify spending that much on a coffee machine. But when I fork over $4 on a daily basis for my Cap fix it's well worth it.
Added goodness.. I have to be authentic to get that fabulous store bought taste.. The mugs have not been broken in yet but they are the perfect serving size and you can't beat the style for  that price (Crate & Barrell- <$5)...seriously. I can now be a snobby hipster all in the quaintness of my home and for less.

Be Jealous!... I would be.
Happy Sipping!

Wardrobe Raid- 1.12.2011

Back to Work Blues
Jacket: F21:$16.50; White Tee: Abercrombie; Cords: Old Navy: Gifted; Flats: Mossimo for Target: $5; Sailors Bracelet: Giftshop in CT airport; Earrings: F21: $1.50.
I have no idea what the obssesion with my hair was while taking this pic but hey, it was just soo soft I had to touch it. After 2 snow days it was back to work for this girl and I'm not just talking business. Between work and gearing up for my snowboarding trip I've been running around like a mad woman trying to get everything done that I had scheduled to do in a week, now to 2 days.. Plus make dinner and do laundry, oh ya!..But hey the mini vaca will be warmly... welcomed?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Michy v. Food

Ok this is clearly the biggest burrito I have ever seen in my life.  But I did my best and finished about 3/4 of it all by myself.. the rolled to the parking lot. Hey this was my Man v. Food moment and Im quite proud of myself, since my stomach is about the size of a 2 year old.

Wardrobe Raid-1.10.2011

Snow Day
Jeans: F21: $14.50; Bomner: Kohl's; Top: Abercrombie; Cami: $3.40; Boots: $15;  Kermit Hat: Gifted

A rare and lovely snow day. As I look outside watching the snow fall quite heavily, I am contemplating making another cappuccino in my new machine (post forthcoming), I couldn't ask for more. Even alfie enjoyed running around in all of the powdery goodness.
 Hope you all have just a wonderful snow day.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Casserole... What did you call me?

Chicken, Veggie, & Stuffing Casserole
  • 1 box stuffing mix: Chicken flavor
  • 3 pieces thawed chicken breast, cut into cubes
  • 1 can condensed Cream of Mushroom soup
  • 1/3 cup fat free sour cream
  • 3 cups frozen mixed veggies
  • Salt & Pepper
  • 1/2 stick of butter and 2 1/2 cups water
  • Preheat Oven to 400 degrees F.
  • Place cubed chicken in the bottom of an oven safe dish, add Salt and Pepper to chicken
  • Mix Soup, Sour cream, and veggies in a bowl. Spread mixture onto chicken evenly.
  • Make Stuffing according to instructions on box. Spread evenly to cover chicken and soup mixture.
  • Bake for 30-45 minutes, or until chicken is cooked.

Chicken tends to be the staple at every meal in my house, so I try to come up with different ways to cook it  so its not like chicken... AGAIN!!!! every night. I use chicken a lot because its economical, easy to work with and theres a million ways you can cook with it. It's also rich in protein and on the healthier side as long as I stay aways from frying it. Which makes my health conscious gym rat bf very happy.. 
Ps. It also tastes just as good for lunch the next day (coming from an anti-leftovers person).
Happy Cooking.

Wardrobe Raid-1.7.2010 x2

Late Night, Date Night

Jacket: F21:$16.50; Jeans: F21: $14.50; Tee: Express;  Wedges: Steve Madden: $59.99; Flower Pin: F21:$3.50; Ring & Earrings: F21: $1.50 ea.; Bracelet:: Giftshop CT Airport.
I am not a fan of the term "Date Night" I think that after you have been with someone for a significant period of time that term should not apply. Just because the bf and I went out to dinner and came back to veg out and watch tv doesn't make that a "date night" because then what would that make every other night?
ok enough venting, these lovelies came in the mail and I couldn't wait to style them. I had already thought up a few possibilities when it struck me and I was like " Hey wait a minute! I can style these together"..then  various ohhhsss ensued. It works because it was cold and rainy out so the wedges kept my toesies warm and the jacket was surprisingly warm considering the lightweight fabric. I paired it up with my NorthFace rain jacket and I was in business to load up my car and then unload it at the bfs with the deluge that seemed to be following me around. Oh well salad & steak made the rainy night all better. 

Happy 100

This is the 100th post. I wanted to commemorate it by giving it it's own place in the spotlight.
This post makes me proud of myself in many ways. I tend to start projects and not finish them or take on to many things and lose some in the process. I have stuck to posting on a regular if not weekly basis about things I do, wear, and think of. I am happy that I get to share these things with family, friends, and readers because I tend to think that I may solve some inner dilemma for some of you. Like what to wear, What to make for dinner, how to organize something or what's a good read. If I have helped in any way then that's just icing on the cake.
I must pause here while I hold up my glass and say to the next 100 posts may you enlighten all who read!

Wardrobe Raid-1.7.2010

Sparkle Me Crazy
Sequin Tank: Target: $12.58 Clearance; Black Cami: F21: $3.50; Lace Skirt: Target: $4.24 Clearance; Sequin Flats: Target: $3.24 Clearance; Tights: SimplyVera for Kohl's: $6.99; Rose Cardigan: F21; Belt: F21:$6.50; Ring & Earrings: $1.50 each.
Total score at Target the other day I went in looking for a file box (post forthcoming) & I ended up with a few great pieces for next to nothing. I had been wanting a sequin tank for some time now but I didn't want to pay $20 for it. I mean really how often do you get to wear a sequing see through tank? So everytime I went into Target I would pick one up give a longful sigh and put it back .....But all of that waiting finally paid off I was able to pick it up for about half the cost.. As you can see I styled it the very next day for work.
Yes I wore this outfit to work hence the cardigan I threw on top. I can totally picture wearing some variation of this to a swanky dinner or cocktail party that 2011 has to offer.

Wardrobe Raid-1.6.2010

Blue cardigan & Blotch Skirt: F21; Lace Cami: Wetseal: Clearance; Rose Cami: F21: $3.50; Fishnets: SimplyVera for Kohl's: $6.99; Shoes: Payless: $28.90

Dainty, That is the first word that pops into my mind when I think about this outfit. I love the colors and the fact that I wore it in the middle of winter. It just makes me smile and think of spring...
On another note I think I found my new favorite place to take indoor photos.. even though I had to rearrange my whole study to do it. I did and love the effect. The lighting was great in that room probably because the fan is the total wrong size but hey it works so I'm not complaining. And yes those are all my books, and I have read about 90% of them + the other bookcase in my living room. I love to read and even though I have an Ipad I still love the smell & feel of the real thing. I don't think that I can ever switch to eBooks, how Traditional of me.
 I am standing on a stack of books and I did almost fall in that last pic, but it was my alice in wonderland moment so it's stayin. Toodles!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wardrobe Raid-1.5.2011

Dress:UO; Denim Jacket:Aeropostale:Gifted; Tights: Anthropologie: Hue: $14.99; Socks: Target: $2; Boots: WetSeal: $29.50
A dark and gloomy day in charlotte, but some cozy tights and new boots make any day just a little brighter.  I can't wait until it gets warm enough to wear dresses without all of the extra layers until then tights will be a daily staple.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wardrobe Raid-1.4.2010

`Return of the Tomato
Cords: Gap: Gifted $35 Cyber Monday deal; Blouse: J.Crew:$59.99 Clearance; Cami:WetSeal:$5; Pumps:UO:$49; Belt:F21:$1.50.

I love these pants but boy was I self-conscious as ever walking into work with bright red pants...  Everytime I looked down today I got a little chuckle. I was lucky to have them to brighten my day. Long day as usual so I missed the natural light outside. Oh well I managed to snap a few indoor pics.

Couch Swap

Out with the Old

In with the New

Well moving couches this past weekend was an expierience to say the least. There was the fiasco of the Uhaul truck rental that was sooo not the advertised $19.99  it ended up costing around $80 to move a couch that I was donating to Restore.. Yup all for a good cause, and I won't lie the tax right off will help...
I can live with overpaying for a truck, and having to move the couch myself but.. the kicker was that as we pull in to the donation center, I see my cousin and aunt loading up an armoire onto her trailer.

I had no clue that someone in my family had a trailer that was just as long as the couch that I was dropping off.. Yup, there you have it ladies & gents I of all people was at a loss for words.
Luckily, we were able to borrow the trailer and hitch to be able to move the new couch  (that took 5 people to get it in through my front door) . My parents decided to upgrade and subsequently I got to upgrade too. My parents were going to sell this & I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. Sorry all you Craig's Listers in the area this ones all mine.. I was able to pick this up as well as an oversized arm chair and ottoman for the new place for a low $500, for all 3 pieces in high quality leather.. This will make my new home fabulous for years to come.

Wardrobe Raid-1.3.2010

         Rose Love

Dress: Target: $5.48 Clearance; Cardigan:AE:$15; Tights: Target: $6.99; Mary Janes: WetSeal: $6.99; Felt: F21; Bracelets: F21: $1.50
Back to work once again.  But I get to wear pretty dresses again, and this one didn't let me down. I picked it up on the clearance rack at my local target I had been eyeing it for a while and didn't want to pay full price for yet another dress but as luck would have it I checked it the last time that I was there and found it for less than $6.  I love how the rose color and the polka dot tights gives this outfit a positively girly vibe.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Wardrobe Raid-1.2.2011

TuTu for You
Tutu: F21;Top: Marshalls: $15; Thigh Highs: American Apparel: $10; Mary Janes: WetSeal: $15 Clearance; Bracelets: F21:$1.50;  Scarf: AE

Hey Hookah!...she likes to hide in mommys pictures...
Just a laid back Sunday.  A nice Linner ...yes I said linner and I know that's not a real word but I don't know what else to call a meal that's both Lunch and Dinner. And we hit up some stores at the mall before closing.  All in all a good day, I even got to sport my new thigh high tights. I've been wanting to try this look out for a while and Sunday was the first day warm enough to wear it. So i'm glad we decided to get our lazy arse's out of the house for a while. All in all a good start to the new year.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Next Up..

Current Read:  The Named- Marianne Curley.

This one is up I haven't had time to read lately due to the holiday craziness. But I have a new book on the shelf that I am just itching to read. So I will share my heart felt opinions about this series as soon as I complete it. I have read other works by this author that I absolutely loved and spoke with the author who mention this other series she wrote. So wish me luck I'll be glad to share soon.
Watch Me Now: Ghost Adventures...ok I have become addicted to this show for some bizarre reason, it tends to totally creep me out but I can't stop watching it. (yes, its on as I type).
Gossip Girl: my cousin got me addicted to this over Thanksgiving weekend.. yup, I'm that girl now.
Those are the two newbies, and sit happily waiting to be watched on my DVR.

Gift Wrap Central

Its a little late but this works all year around. I have this set up with the usuals tissue papers, gift bags, ribbons, tape, scissors and gift cards. All the essentials you need to meet all your gift wrapping needs in an organized fashion. This way I can tuck the box into a closet and not have to see or wonder where I can find a last minute gift bag. I also have a few other organizers. That I will share when I get back home and snap the shots.

Wardrobe Raid-12.31.2010

Happy New Year!
Sequin Skirt: Hot Topic:$12.99 Clearance; Tunic:F21:$13.80; Back Seam tights: F21:$3.50; Mary Janes: WetSeal;$14.99 Clearance, Bracelets:F21: $1.50; Headband: Francesca's Miami:Gifted.
Happy New Year! 
We brought in the new year with family and ones we love. No big parties or crazy adventures just some quite family time. I wore this to have a lovely dinner at my moms and then head to the bf's families.  It was new years so I had to rock something sparkly.. This pic was taken at the end of the night which is why there isn't a close up of the back of the tights which are my absolute fave, but alas I have to order my third pair since I split these too. I guess I will just add them to the grave yard of tights since I absolutely love them but can rarely wear a pair without them getting runs. :(... Idea... runless tights.... ohhh theres my millions.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Two Thousand Ten

2010 was a wonderful year with many new things I was lucky enough to experience. I met my loving bf and had 7 wonderful months with him during 2010. We went on multiple trips to the beach, Charleston and Atlanta. I had news that I would soon be a double Aunt & Godmother in 2011. I finally placed my house on the market, I cracked and bought an Ipad, I started a blog to document my daily outfit choices, my crafty epiphany's (?) and my random musings. I loved 2010 and hate to see it go. With 2011 on the way I can't wait to see what it has to offer. Resolutions have never really been my thing but I figured why the heck not worse case they just end up filed in my brain collecting dust among the file cabinets of other pointless information. So here goes:

1.Keep up with blog on a more regular basis.
2. Actually attend the gym the I am paying a membership for.
3. Sell my house and purchase a new one.
4. Read through the collection of books that I have and compile notes & criticizms.
5. Attend all 3 semesters of school.
6. Get to work on time regularly.
7. Go to church more
8. Take the dogs out for walks.
9. Be the best Godmother ever.
10.Host tons of dinner parties.

There are a few others that I will keep personal unless they happtn then I will be glad to share. Until then signing out for 2010, 2011 here we come.

Wardrobe Raid-11.31.2010

Style on the Move
Cardigan:AE:$15 Bogo; Jeans:AE; Tank: Abercrombie; Scarf: F21:$5.50; Braceletes:$3.50; Belt:$6.50; All Stars:Converse:$39.99.
I donated my couch to Restore and had to get it out of my house before the end of the year. Leave it to me to wait until the last minute.. But hey I needed the tax write off.. I'll share pics of the new couch soon, it looks awsome though I wont get to enjoy it until monday. But in the meantime I managed to wear a cute outfit to move a couch on the last day of the year.

Wardrobe Raid-11.30.2010

Thursday's the New Friday
Cardigan: UO:$14.99(clearance); Jeans: Hollister: Gifted; Lace Blouse: Target:$4.95(Clearance): Locket: Gifted; Belt: F21;$2.50; Shoes: UO:$40.
Last jeans day at work. Kind of a bummer but I  am kind of excited I can go back to pretty dresses and tights. I was running out of ways to stay warm and wear jeans in a work appropriate manner.. I managed to toss half my closet looking for something to wear this morning and here was the result. Which I absolutely loved. Minus the fact that the ink of the jeans rubs off on me and leaves me a nice sheen of smurf blue.. Oh well I always did wanna grow up to be Smurfette..Now just need to work on the blonde hair .... hmmmm

Wardrobe Raid-11.29.2010

Back to Work Blues
Coat: Gifted; Jeans: LEI; Cardigan:F21: $10.50; Bow Top:F21:$12.64; Belt:F21: $2.50;Booties:Steve Madden: $59.99 Hat: F21.

I told you she'd be making an appearance soon. New Coat meet the blogging world.. My loving Bf was brave enough to attempt to buy me clothing; he gets a two thumbs up. I had been wanting a white coat but lets face it I'm a klutz and white is a dangerous color for me to wear. But the bf came through and got me this lovely that is what I consider my "nice" coat aka the coat I only wear when I go to nice non'dirty places. Like dinner etc.. But i will enjoy this coat for quite some time.. I just wish I could get it scotch guarded..