Thursday, December 29, 2011

Book Review

A Song Of Ice and Fire Series:
A Game of Thrones
A Clash of Kings
A Storm of Swords
A Feast for Crows
A Dance with Dragons
By George R.R. Martin

One word: Amazing!
Best series I have ever read. Captivating, Intriguing and leave you wanting more with characters you love & characters you love to hate. I am so happy that I did not come across this series until the first 4 books were out as I would have gone nuts waiting a year for the next one. I am about halfway through A Dance with Dragons and am hyperventilating while I wonder what I am going to do until the next one comes out.
The HBO series is what got me hooked on this series, it is one of the truest to the series portrayal I have seen and the character casting was superb. I like that I had a face to put to the characters as I read. And was surprised that they even used direct quotes from the book that were pivotal and did came out as bad ass vs. cheesy (ala Twilight). Can't wait for Season 2 to come out. I have it marked in my calendar and might throw a watch party for the premier... Yes! bask in my nerdiness, you know you want to. Though so much has happend in the series that when the next season airs, I am afraid I might pull a Reader Foul and let some detail out that comes up later in the series.

On that note small spoiler without giving anything away really... Littlefinger is the Uber badass, plot twist master... By far I have had the biggest chage of heart for him...

But the ideas for a watch party are already stewing in my brain.
Mulled Wine, Fur throws, Roast Ham or Shepards Pie. Jewel Tone Clothes and big colorful Baubles.
Fireplace lit with hickory chips, the ideas just keep coming...
Come april I will be squeeing...

Book Reviews

Caster Chronicles: Beautiful Chaos
By: Kami Garcia & Margaret Sthol
Good, but utterly confusing. I am captivated by this series living in the South and all. I know all too well what they mean by sweltering summers. But I am hoping that the next installment will give better insight as to what is really going on. I mean whose dark, whose light and whose pulling the strings...

Lorien Legacies: I Am Number Four, The Power of Six, & The Lost Files: Six'x Legacies
By: Pittacus Lore

I saw the movie in the Cabin on my honeymoon, as one of those free boxoffice movies they offer on cruises. I'll admit I was sucked in, and even the Mr. was into it. Of course it doesn't help my case that the main actor made me feel like a total perv, he's like what 18? The series is great and totally taps into that whole Ancient Aliens Theory thats going around ( which I also got totally duped into following). I wish the books were longer as I read these in just a few days. You can also tell they were written for a much younger audience. The movie was geared more towards a general populus and appealled to the older crowd more while still staying true to the book, mostly. I can't wait for the next installment thats due out in August, and crossing finger they make The Power of Six a Movie too!.

The Hunger Games Trilogy
By: Suzanne Collins

Ok seriously could not put these down. I had bought the first book thinking ehh I'll see what all of the hype is about... I proceeded to go to the bookstore twice (to pick up Catching FIre, and Mocking Jay)the week I read the first one. I also read all three within a week but I could not put these down. I could totally relate the Cat the main character, and pulled for Peeta the whole time I read. I just wish they would have gone into to ending a little more I felt a little cheated at the end of Mocking Jay that after so much action the resolution of the series kinda went blah!. Otherwise total LOVE!!!!
Movie I am most anxiously awaiting to watch in 2012... The costumes? The arena? Lenny Kravitz!!!!
ahh... I Die!

Book Reviews

Ok so there will be some review heavy posts coming up as I have read alot since my last review.

First up,

Seven Realms Novels:The Grey Wolf Throne
By Cinda Chima Williams
Good Read but leaves much to be desired in that it answers a number of questions but makes you have a dozen new ones. Hopefully the next installment answers everything as it is the series finale. I read this one on my honeymoon in about 2 days.

By: Nancy Holder and Debbie Vigue

I picked this one up while I was in Maui and checking out at the register where someone had unceremoniously dumped it at the last minute. I will admit I totally judged it by its cover (the one on my copy is not cheesy like this one) and it was on sale for a whole $4. It was not that bad considering, just some aspects were cringe-worthy like the spanish switchoff. I just think book should stick to one language, (unless its lord of the rings where theres a whole new language), it should seriously stick to one. Otherwise it is your typical YA paranormal heavy love story.

Hush;Hush Saga: Silence
By: Becca Fitzpatrick

Good read. Read in 1 day. I wish it would have been longer.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wedding Goodies

You May not know that I made mostly all of the decorations for the wedding. Including the gift bags for the Bridesmaids & Flower Girls. I tried to put together an emergency bridesmaid kit. It included; a hemming kit (that was tiny enough to fit in a purse), some clear nailpolish if the manipedi's I go them got ruined; a water bottle to rehydrate; a monogrammed note pad incase I forgot something and someone would need to remind me, I also included the hairpieces my mom and I made for all the girls; and I put all of this in a cute little monogramed canvas tote bag.
Bridesmaid Hair Pieces

Flower Girl Hair Pieces
Wrapped all nice and Pretty.
Tutorials on all to follow.

Wardrobe Raid

Pre-Wedding BBQ
Skirt: Smashion(linda dearie of littletinsoldier); Tee: Express; Scarf: AE; Sandals: Target; Necklace: F21
The Saturday before my wedding my mom took the opportunity of having the whole family in town (namely my step brothers) to have a bbq/bday party for my dad. Since they rarely are in town let alone at the same time..
I wore this since it was light and the temp was half past sweltering.. plus the waist on the skirt was stretchy. That always comes in handy when attending a BBQ at my moms... I also love the color of this skirt, I leaned heavily on Jewel tones and Maxis all summer. This piece encompassed both with the slit adding a nice little surprise.

Wardrobe Raid

Muted Aftermath
Blouse& Pumps: UO; Skirt: Smashion, made by Target; Purse: Target; Belt: F21.

Wardrobe Raid

A Tan Makes Everything Look Better

Cami: Polo by Ralf Lauren; Cardigan:AE; Belt, Earrings & Necklace: F21; Skirt: Smashion; Flats: Lela Rose for Payless

Wardrobe Raid

Maxed Out
Blouse, Cami, & Necklace: F21; Maxi Skirt: Target; Flats: Lela Rose for Payless
OK i have to admit. I totally love this outfit. I can't remember exactly where I wore it to as its been a few months now but i just love the lines and color.

Wardrobe Raid

Work it Out
Blouse, Cami, Skirt, & Belt: F21; Flats: Lela Rode for Payless

Wardrobe Raid

Oranges & Dots
Tank & Skirt: F21; Flats: Target; Watch: Timex

Wardrobe Raid

Out of Focus

Tee: Express; Skirt & Scarf: F21; Heels: Target

Wardrobe Raid

Making it Work
Dress (worn as Blouse), Skirt, Belt: F21;Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wardrobe Raid

Simple Accents
Dress, Belt, & Earrings: F21; Cardigan: AE; Heels:UO; Watch: Timex

Sometimes I just love a neutral Pallet with one bright pop of color. Looks chic and Sophistacated while being summery and fun at work.

Wardrobe Raid

Pigment Challenged
Blouse & Heels: Target; Skirt: Charlotte Russe; Watch: Timex

Yes I Spent 2 weeks in Maui wearing near to no SPF and that is the tan I walked away with... Seriously questioning my hispanic genes...I think my body is reacting to some sort of exposure to northerners, I am thankful that I didn't happen to fry in the south pacific sun either.

Wardrobe Raid

Simple With A Side of Pink
Skirt, Cami, Blazer: F21; Wedges: Charlotte Russe; Watch: Anne Klien

Waredrobe Raid

Back in Business
Skirt,Cami,Belt, & Necklace: F21; Cardigan: AE; Handbag: Aldo; Heels:, Watch:Timex