Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wardrobe Raid-11.30.2010

Thursday's the New Friday
Cardigan: UO:$14.99(clearance); Jeans: Hollister: Gifted; Lace Blouse: Target:$4.95(Clearance): Locket: Gifted; Belt: F21;$2.50; Shoes: UO:$40.
Last jeans day at work. Kind of a bummer but I  am kind of excited I can go back to pretty dresses and tights. I was running out of ways to stay warm and wear jeans in a work appropriate manner.. I managed to toss half my closet looking for something to wear this morning and here was the result. Which I absolutely loved. Minus the fact that the ink of the jeans rubs off on me and leaves me a nice sheen of smurf blue.. Oh well I always did wanna grow up to be Smurfette..Now just need to work on the blonde hair .... hmmmm

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