Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Earrings Display

I have an extensive assortment of earrings the majority of have a less than $5 price tag. Since I happen to not have to share my room at the moment I figured the girlier the better. Right? I feel in love with an earing catchall my sister in law had a few years ago admired it everytime I went to my brothers house. So that year they thought to get me one. Lets clear one thing about me.. I am suuuper impulsive and buy whatever I come across that I want but then I talk myself out of other things.. It's very odd when you see the things I compromise on.. But my brother and sis in law know this about me and thought to get me this for Christmas. So what better way to say Thanks than displaying it proudly on my dresser.

Gifted From Sister in Law

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