Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wardrobe Raid

Day to Night Wear
Attempting to rock the whole Aiden from Being Human thing... (would help if I were a guy & a Vampire... just sayin')

Jacket, Earrings & Belt: Forever 21; T-Shirt: Walmart; Slacks: Brazil: Gifted from Mom; Heels: Target; Scarf: Random store at the mall; Bracelet: China: Gifted from Mom
I was auditioning for sour patch in this one. Don't mind me. (Jk though those sound great right now)
Ripped Jeans: Hollister: Gifted from Sis in Law

We only ran out for a quick dinner so I wasn't to keen on getting all dressy. I am generally not a t-shirt kinda gal but lately have been encorporating these plain ones into my daily wear. I'm feeling the versatility.

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  1. The ripped jeans and t-shirt look good on you. Goes very well with the heels. You go girl!