Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wardrobe Raid-4.12.11

Game Day
Trousrer Jeans: ON; Cardigan: AE; Slouchy Tee: F21; Wedges: Steve Madden via DSW
(duck-face strikes again!)

Wow the front door is soo interesting
There was a nice treat at work. We were all taken to a local baseball game. Minor-league but still it got me out of work for the day and had free entrance and food. I can't exactly complain with that. I also got some freebies like a cool highlighter pen(yes i am that big of a nerd) and a small notebook. We also were allowed to sport jeans in the middle of the week.. so this is what I wore. I will admit these shoes were not the ideal pair for the even. Not because they are wedges and have no business at a sporting event but becase they are wedges that attach to your feet like flip flops... Making it oh so difficult to walk like a normal human being and not clomp around like a horse... So there were a few near misses and a lesson leared that this pair will be reserved for not much movement involved events.. aka family dinners etc...

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