Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wardrobe Raid- 4.4.2011

Current Week
Dress: UO; Lace Back Cardigan, Necklace & Belt: Forever21; Flats: Target

Finally in the right week with postings. I must apologize for being the lazy, Uber-busy Blogger. Between planning for the wedding, packing, moving and renovating its been kinda crazy. But I am proud that I still managed to take outfit photos through the chaos, even if they took forever to post them.

As you can see the steady growth of the house behing me. There will be tons of before and after photos, plus instructions on all of the crazy things we've done and a new house tour. I have all of those in the works and can't wait to share. I can hopefully paint that hallway the nice grey that the rest of the house is vs. the horrid skin color it was.. (trust me it looks somewhat decent with that lighting.. in natural light its gag-worthy).

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