Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wardrobe Raid-5.11.11

Wear it Wednesdays=Spring Dress

Dress, Scarf, & Belt: F21; Handbag: Aldo; Wedges:

Cardigan: Target

Wear it Wednesdays called for a Spring dress. When I looked in my closet for what said spring dress to me this was the first one that immediately said spring dress... well it was more like jumping on the hanger saying " Pick Me! Pick Me!" (because my clothes animate themselves and talk to me..) yes, yes that the case. Anyways, I just love how I can wear 4 different accessories in 4 completely separate colors and have it work so well... I threw on the cardigan for good measure (last picture) so that I can make this work place appropriate and was on my merry way. Though, the soles of the wedges are holding on by a thread, and I was constantly pulling up the dress to avoid any HR flashing complaints, I made it through the day in realtive style with no major mishaps.... Thats winning! in in my book

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