Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wardrobe Raid-2.11.2011

Should've been # 1
4 of 30
Cardigan: Old Navy: $9.97; Dot Skit: F21: $19.80; Cami: Abercormbie; Tights: We Love Colors$8; Shooties: Payless: $34.99; Bracelets: F21: $1.50 ea. Earrings: Tink Fashions on etsy. Trench: F21: $37.80
Wore this to work about 2 Fridays ago, love the color combos and even though I have no idea how to buy tights and bought them like 2 sizes to big.. i still love them..


  1. LOVE your dotted skirt! Wish it was mine, hee hee :)

  2. Thanks Natalie!!!... It's actually still available on the F21 website... I actually think its on sale now :(... thanks for the comment.. checked out your blog great outfits!!!

  3. Ok, that last outfit is just too cute for words. As is your pose!