Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wardrobe Raid- 12.17.2010

 Fall Favorites

Blazer: NY&Co.: $35(Black Friday Sale);  Grey Tee:F21: $6; Cami: F21: $3.50; Jeans:LEI; Scarf: F21: $6.50; Belt: F21: $2.50; Shoes: Steve Madden: $69.99

I just love this outfit. It was warm and comphy and I just loved wearing it. Plus it involved the Christmas present I bought myself. Ok Ok it was a total splurge but I had to have a pair of lace up tan suede wedges.. I know I know that sounds really odd, but I looked everywhere I could for a bargain pair and well these were definitely the best deal I found..I am still having the buyers non-remorse over not getting the $30 pair from F21 when I saw them because lets face it, if you find something you like but think you can wait until payday in 2 weeks chances are it won't be in stock when you go to buy.. which led to yup you guessed it....absolutely having to owna pair.. but in all my remorseness I have definitely gotten my moneys worth outta these bad boys.. as you will soon see.. I love them becuase they're comphy, I can dress them up or down & I can wear them all year round... currently I am sporting them with wool socks, and come summer they'll be paired with socks you can't see but manage to keep them from getting icky.. So Cheers to the shoe!!!!

Is there some splurge item you bought for yourself this Holiday season? Let me know...

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