Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wardroobe Raid- 12.16.2010

Workin' around the clock

Sweater: F21: $13.50; Chambray Skirt: $19.50;  Blue Tights: Hue: $12;  Socks: Target:$1; Boots: Aldo:$150ish; Sweater: Mossimo for Target:$19.99; Belt: F21; Bracelet: local Boutique: Gifted
As you can see it was dark out when these were taken, and I had just walked through the door. Between work and late night shopping I've been non-stop, go go go. But I still manage to drag my lazy lil behind outta bed in the mornings & throw together something cute that helps me make it through the day. In the process I lost a button at work and didn't even notice. Shows how much I've been paying attention, I' lucky I walked out with the same 2 shoes. But hey I still managed to pull it off.

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