Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wardrobe Raid

Choas Theory
LongSleeve, Skirt, Belt & Earrings: Forever21; Cardigan: AE; Scarf & Boots: Old Navy; Tights: Target; Small Locket: Gifted From dad.

My totally helpless impression... were you convinced? Ya I know I wasn't either.. The pouty face may have worked when I was 5 but I think wore off somewhere in High School. Shucks! This is what my studio looked like after 2 weeks of living in the new house.. I am sure my expression makes sense now. I was taking pics in here as we had workers painting the bonus room and I didn't want to seem like the pretentious chick that comes home from work and takes picture of herself.. I mean they have support groups for people like that, not that I know about that or anything... ::cough:: hahah jk!

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