Monday, December 6, 2010

Wardrobe Raid- 11.30.2010

Eye See You

Cords: F21: $14.90; Cami: polo Gifted; Top: Bitten by SJP; Shoes: UO:$49; Necklace: F21: $1.50; Earrings: Gifted; Blazer: NY&Co.: $35 with Black Friday discount.

Well this outfit was middle of the road for me. By that I mean that part of me absolutely loves it and the other part thinks its rather blah.. However, both of my halves are in agreement that it looked waay better in person than it photographed.. Due to the increasingly shorter days and subsequesnt drop in temperature, the majority of my shots are taking place indoors. Where I run into the ultimate problems of... finding an empty enough spot to shoot, turning on enough lights to not look like I am on my death bed, and lastly being able to pose and keep the curious pups out of the shots. I mean I know that what mommy is doing is always interesting but seriously they don't need to have some body part touching me every second after I enter the front door.

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