Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wardrobe Raid- 11.24.2010

A Little Bomber (jacket) Never Hurt No One

Bomber: Kohl's: $34; Brown Cami: Target; Blue Top: Abercrombie: Summer Clearance; Jeans: F21: $16.50; Scarf: Payless:$12 (BOGO= $6); Boots: Aldo: $150ish; Earrings: F21:$1.50

Yup Holding up that fence like a trooper.. Ok so there are more pix with this post than most others.. and that is due to catching the last few rays of  afternoon light the day before Thanksgiving. We got a free pass at work to wear jeans since the office was officially dead!. I put this little outfit together and it was comphy and functional. I was able to get tons of work done because of the ease of movement and well not really caring it I got a little dirty!.
So ya I had some fun with my new camera remote so now I don't have to turn on the timer and run to pose to get a good shot.. I just line it up and click away.. so you can say I got a tad click happy with this outfit.. It also helped that it was a good hair and make up day.. thats always a plus!

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