Friday, December 17, 2010

Wardrobe Raid- 12.4.2010

IceSkating in the Produce Aisle
Tee: F21; Tank: Abercombie: Seasonal Clearance; Leggings: F21: $3.50; Booties:; Jacket: Aeropostale: Gifted from my brother; Scarf: n/a; Funny Hat...priceless.. hehe no j/k it's from some shop in Mystic, CT. Denali jacket: TheNorthFace: $150 (cheaper on ebay)

Yes you read correctly. I went Iceskating in the produce aisle of the local Harris Teeter.. thanks to it being cold and wet outside and me wearing those totally inappropriate shoes.. I am a complete klutz and have yet to realize that shinny surfaced flooring and wet heels are not a good mix when I occupy them..
So to make my utterly embarassing moment in the store, I skated quite literally through the tomato section to be exact... I hope the veggies weren't trying to tell me something about my outfit... I know the denali and the hat were a bit much but i didn't think it was going to be soo cold out so I grabbed what I could before the alarm went off on my way out... I could only take a quick pix before ducking into the car and the oncoming downpour so you couldn't really see the right outfit .... but you get the point

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