Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wardrobe Raid- A Costume Affair

So this Halloween as previously mentioned my inspiration was Maverick ala Tom Cruise in Top Gun.. As with Halloween it is the time to step out of my comfort Zone and wear something I would be caught dead in any other day since it is soo out of my more conservative sensibilities.. In addition I chose to put this costume together from things I already owned vs. purchasing one from a costume shop because I wanted to be able to reuse most if not all of the the components in everyday life..I know give you the Wardrobe Raid : Costume Edition

Bomber Jacket: Kohl's: $34. White T-shirt: Forever21, Skirt (that is literally folded in half): Forever21: $6.50, Nude Fishnet tights: Kohl's: Simply Vera Wang: $7.50 on sale, Knee Socks: Forever21: $5.50, Boots: Aldo: $150 on sale (last year), Purse: Louis Vuitton: gifted from mom about 8 years ago, Signature Aviator Sunglasses( that I could barely see through all night): Payless: $6 during BOGO.

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