Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wardrobe Raid 10.29.2010

I wore this on the first day of my beach vacation. I turned out to be quite comfortable for the 4 hour drive and I added the tights because the weather dropped and ruined the original outfit. But  I think this works too.

 Quarter sleeve top: Wet Seal: Clearance $9, Suspender Skirt: Forever21: $19.50, Black Tights: Forever21: $3.50, Flats: AE for Payless: $15.99, Belt: Forever21: $6.50, Dove Necklace: Forever21: $3.50, Hair Flower: Forever21: $3.50, Watch: $15

I have to admit the view from our room was breathtaking... here's just a glimpse from the balcony.

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