Wednesday, April 6, 2011

25 of 30

Let's Dance
Cardigan & Flats: Target; Cami, Skirt & Belt: Forever21; Tights: Hue via Anthro; Scarf: Payless

Ok so not really but seeing as I really rocked leg warmers & glitter shoes to work and didn't get so much as a sideway look I did dance a little jig when I got home. This outfit did totally remind me of my old Ballet days, so I decided that with my last pose I would give a nod to the olden days. And I know I know all you real Ballet chics out there are probably cringing because my form is all wrong but seriously just because they are referred to as Ballet flats doesn not make them anywhere near as flexible as real ballet shoes. In addition to these shedding glitter everytime they rub together. Dorothy's worst nightmare..

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